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How To Eco Clean Your Oven

Step 1 Soak the grills and trays

Fill a bucket of hot water with a squirt of eco KINN LIVING washing up liquid and a shake of soda crystals.

Soak and pre-scrub the grills in the hot de-greasing solution.

Shake soda crystals on the extra burnt on trays and give them a soak before scrubbing the life out of them with your trusted wiry balls.

Then place them in a clean bin bag and let them soak in there for another 20 mins while you clean the inside of the oven.

Leave smaller grills in the bucket of hot degreasing solution to continue soaking.

Step 2 Soak and scrub the inside of the oven

Fill your washing up bowl with hot water, a squirt of eco KINN LIVING washing up liquid and a shake of soda crystals.

Using this solution, remove all the debris with a damp cloth. Always start from the top of oven and work your way down.

Then continue to get into every nook and cranny with your wiry ball, getting that elbow grease flowing to maximum…

Once done, rinse down and dry to perfection.

Step 3: Scrub the grills and trays

Remove the trays and grills from the bucket and plastic bag and scrub them down like you never have before, getting in all the nooks and crannies with a wiry ball. Then dry them and put them back into your new freshly cleaned & buffed oven.

Final Step 4: Spray and Buff outside of Oven

Now that all is clean on the inside, shut the oven door and spray it all over with Method Glass Cleaner and wipe down the outside. Make sure you get all around the buttons and on top of and underneath the handles.

Once its clean, wipe it dry with a tea towel and then polish the glass and chrome with with a piece of crumpled up newspaper.

Et voila… a gorgeously cleaned oven using only eco products so no harmful toxins have gone into your homes air or in our precious water systems.

If you are reading all this and would love to do it, but of course it keeps falling off the to do list, then you can just call us Eco Cleaning Fairies to come and do it on 07585051206. We would certainly love to make your oven hygienic and sparkling as we can!

We are available in the Central and South Liverpool area.

To find about how you can use a cleaning service that reduces harsh chemicals going in our air and water systems click here. To ask us for a quote click here.

Eco Cleaning Fairies is a cleaning company based in Liverpool that offers domestic cleaning services, commercial cleaning services and one off deep cleans

We are passionate about the planet and do everything we can to use natural, kind to the planet products to get your space clean. We are always offering cleaning Jobs in Liverpool so click here if you are interested in becoming an Eco Cleaning Fairy.

Please do get in touch if you would like to a quote.

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