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Eco Cleaning Fairies


Thank you Mother Nature! Thank you Life! Happy Gratitude Day Everyday to Everyone!

There are so many people in this World that we care for and really love deeply. There are so many people in this World that we wish to show our gratitude towards. And we thought about how best we can do this and to really remember and mention all of them.

And we thought about what is that thing we all share in our life and the answer we have found is life itself.

Our Mother Planet Earth that sustains us all. So we have chosen to give back to the Mother Earth as much as we can for each and everyone. In order to express our gratitude to our Fairies and clients alike from either homes and office environments, our teachers, our friends and families, we have made a commitment under the full moon and around thanks giving day to plant a tiny forest of 5000 trees and maybe even more. As well as a reminder that we can only grow together in love and harmony with ourselves and the nature around us, remembering our human and divine nature.

Your World is Happier Clean and Green! We have started with a tiny seed of 25 trees that will help plant endangered trees in biodiversity hotspots. We have chosen to contribute with trees that create much needed habitat for wildlife, trees that restore natural water cycles and trees that provide income sources and stability for women. The trees we have chosen to plant will absorb tons of CO2 and increase soil fertility, fighting the effects of climate change. Sometimes less is not more - with this tiny forest we wish to have a holistic impact across a diverse tree-planting projects. You can also support our cause and start planting trees with us here and offer them as a gift to your loved ones: Plant a tree with us here!

And remember that you may spot our Eco Cleaning Fairies especially in the forests and parks around Liverpool and they can fly to provide you the best cleaning service they can to your office or home when you book a clean with us here.


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Eco Cleaning Fairies


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