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Why choose us?

Because we care. Simple as...

We care about our planet, our customers, admin staff and especially all our hardworking Eco Cleaning Fairies.


Life is a miracle and we want to show you that magic exists through our simple Eco Cleaning Service.

If you choose to use our services:


  • You can rest assured that with our 15 years experience and our natural passion and love for cleaning, we are good at creating your cleaning plan so the time you buy is spent as magically as possible.


  • You can be confident that we only hire fairies who love and are passionate about cleaning so you know you will have a happy Eco Cleaning Fairy in your home waving their magic!


  • You can know we will only provide Eco products which will reduce the level of harsh chemicals in your home, air and be gentler on our earth’s eco and water systems as a whole

  • You will quickly feel the benefits of, a Tidy home = Tidy mind, hence you will be more productive and enjoy a fresher loving feeling inside to live life with

  • You will have more time and energy for you to spend on what you truly want to do

  • Your home will be hygienic so you will be generally healthier especially if you are allergic to dust

  • You can feel proud and sleep easy knowing that the cleanliness of your home is being kept on top of regularly


  • You will naturally want to keep on top of clutter as every week you know your Eco Cleaning Fairy is coming and needs your space to be clear as possible for them to crack on with the cleaning.

Our Guarantee!!!

We guarantee to only send a fully vetted, well trained, insured, kind Eco Cleaning Fairy who will treat your home, children and pets with the utmost respect


We guarantee you a cleaning plan questionnaire to really understand your needs and create your bespoke plan around these.

We guarantee to always provide 100% non-toxic environmentally kind products for every clean as well as good old-fashioned elbow grease.


We guarantee you great customer service, ongoing communication, and a ‘Can do’ attitude. Within reason ;-)


We guarantee to acknowledge and resolve any problem that comes up within 48 hrs.


We guarantee to relish all feedback given if you are not 100% satisfied as we want to be the kindest and BEST Cleaning Service in Liverpool and can only do this with the honesty of our lovely customers.

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