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Often asked Questions...

Communication is everything

Here are some of the most asked questions I’d love to answer so that you can have confidence in how we operate to offer the smoothest cleaning service possible.

Will my fairy be trustworthy and honest?


Yes! We currently have over 100 applications a month so we use a very rigorous 6 tier recruitment process to make sure we find the finest, most suitable and trustworthy cleaners Liverpool has to offer. We have 5 screening levels including reference checks and trial cleans. Here we are specifically looking for great communication skills, honesty, a positive attitude, good domestic initiative and great cleaning skills from previous cleaning experience that we can add to with our special Eco Cleaning Fairy training. All of this is completed for each candidate before we offer them a fully employed Eco Cleaning Fairy contract

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Will I always have the same fairy?

Yes, we set you up with a fairy and you will communicate with them directly between cleans. If your fairy needs to go on holiday you can rearrange the time the session takes place or we can organise you a cover fairy if you would prefer to stick to the time of the original slot.



What happens if I’m not happy with what the fairy does in their time?


Once we have found the most suitable Eco Cleaning Fairy for you, we will email you a short cleaning plan questionnaire  to identify your cleaning needs with your fairy. This way they get to hear directly from you what you are expecting from them to be done. We appreciate every home's needs are different and the amount that your fairy will do within the time allotted will differentiate for each client.


There are specific questions on the form which enables us to truly understand your priorities so we can use our time as efficiently as possible. Communication is very important for us at Eco Cleaning Fairies as we believe every problem can be well resolved with open, honest and kind communication.

Once your fairy gets started, if you are unsatisfied with their standards or where they are using their time then our Team Coach Louise will call you to discuss their work / organize a spot check (if needs be)  to make sure they are achieving the high standards we are striving to provide for each of our client's homes.


As everyone has different needs and styles we appreciate you may not always be a match with your Eco Cleaning Fairy so we are always open to changing your fairy to find your ideal match within our team.


What happens if something gets damaged or there is a problem?


If something gets damaged during one of our cleans you will need to contact us as soon as possible. After our incident assessment, we will replace or find a way of getting the damaged property fixed and repaired for you.  

We are fully insured for property damage, personal injuries that may occur and for key holder reasons. We will send you a copy of our insurance certificate alongside your initial agreement and terms and conditions.

You just need to call us as soon as something comes up and we will do our best to get it resolved within 7 days.



What do you do about Key security?


We hold keys for many of our clients and realise the importance of keeping them safe at all times. The fairies are trained to only take them out when they need them for the clean. The rest of the time they are kept in a safe place. During the cleaning tour, we also sign a Key Security Agreement stating that we will never write your name/ address on the keys should they need to be passed to a cover fairy. If they do get lost, however, we take full responsibility in paying for any spares or lock changes as soon as we realise they are lost, and all your house goods are fully insured up to £75000, so you don't have to worry.

Do I have to have a fairy to clean every week?


Depending on how many people/pets and activity there is in your home is how we diagnose how often you will need an Eco Cleaning Fairy, but in the end it is your choice how often you want your house to shine :-). 


We can come daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on what suits your budget and homes cleaning needs.

How easy is it for me to book an Eco Cleaning Fairy?


Simple, click here  to send us your details. We will then send you an info email as well as give you a call back during the next working day to understand your cleaning needs to book you a great Eco Cleaning Fairy. Easy peasy!


We look forward to hopefully coming to meet you soon so that we can make your home beautiful, sparkly and smelling great!



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