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Alternative Gifts to Share Your Love this Christmas

We adore the festive feeling of Christmas, but are very aware of the temptation to buy lots of new gifts and treats for your friends and family. Giving is wonderful, but why not go a bit alternative this Christmas and come up with some ‘from the heart’ green-as-you-can gifts that will make their heart all glowy.

Mason Jar Christmas Gifts

There are so many things you could put in a jar that would delight your loved one this Christmas. We love the idea of a big mulling spice kit for apple cider, or speciality salts. Maybe you could create your own Herbs de Provence. Or what about a cinnamon spice muffin mix so they can finish the job themselves and fill their home with the beautiful scent of cinnamon? You could even get handy with some glass paints, glue and glitter to create a unique candle holder or create some homemade sugar and salt rubs to help them feel awesome this winter.

Thanks for the idea Tree Hugger!


Is there a cause that’s close to their heart or yours? Why not offer your time instead of opening your purse and donate a few hours to a good local cause. Christmas can be a tough time for many, including those who are without a home and many elderly people who feel more acutely alone at a time we all traditionally come together. Why not contact some local organisations and see what you and your family could do to help.

A Day Out

Why not treat your special someone to a day out and about. You could plan a big walk in the countryside, followed by some pints at a local pub to have a proper catch up away from the crowds. Or maybe you could take a class together, there are lots of crafty classes in the run up to Christmas. There is something special about reconnecting for longer than a quick meal and getting some alone time together could help you support each other into the coming year.

Host a Gathering

Why not invite a group of friends around to yours and lay on some delicious nibbles and some glasses of wine for Christmas. You could suggest they bring an instrument with them, or have some for when they arrive and you could have a festive jam - whatever level people play at or sing. Or a board game, we all love board games - make your home snug and invite people in, coming together is a special gift.

Bakey Bakey

Who doesn’t love thick and gooey chocolate brownies? Why not have a day in the kitchen baking batches of delicious treats? You could even go full Vegan and gluten free, there are plenty of recipes to find online. Or why not make your own chocolates or flapjacks. You could keep an eye out for old tins in charity shops and take them around to your friends to share with a cuppa tea.

A Book you Loved

There is NO harm in giving a used book you loved. Some of the best books in my home are from friends who said ‘you’ll love this’ and handed me a tatty well-read paperback. Have a look through your book case and see if there is anything you’d like to give away. It can be a wonderful way to cleanse before Christmas too and is so personal, especially if you write down why you want them to have it. Share the love people!

The Gift of Clean Space

We weren’t going to put this in, but it’d be silly not to - the final suggestion is a one off domestic clean from the Eco Cleaning Fairies :). We work in Liverpool and the surrounding area and are very happy to do gift cleans. Do get in touch if you like the idea of this and we will even send a snazzy gift certificate to give on the day.

Have you got some other ideas? Please feel free to share them in the comments below!

With lots of love,

Jules & The Fairies


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