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Spring Cleans!

Isn’t it lovely to have Spring upon us, with days getting longer and milder so we can open up our windows to let the fresh air in! This is until you recognise the dust and cobwebs that have built up over the winter period! We would absolutely love to help you with a one off spring clean if you don’t feel you can face it alone.


We've got limited fairies available up until the 31st May 2018, so contact us today and one of our friendly team will give you a call to arrange.  Choose happiness and let us wear the marigolds!

This includes all kitchen windows, tiles, on top, inside and outsides of cupboards, fridge, and oven as well as all other surfaces, facilities, walls, and floors until they are greaseproof, bacteria free and sparkling as the sun comes through the window!

From £63+VAT

De-cobweb, clean all woodwork, dust all surfaces, straighten up and plumpen furniture, vac and mop every room including outside of cupboards, fridge, all other facilities in kitchen and get your beloved bathroom and its accessories gleaming.

From £63+VAT

We can come to take care of cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, toilets, living room, dining room, hallway, porch area and anywhere in your home that will be open to your friends and loved ones this christmas.

From £84+VAT

Loyalty Discounts Available for Current Clients!

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