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Why not get us in to give your home for a full house refresher where we will de-cobweb, clean all woodwork, dust all surfaces, straighten up and plumpen furniture, vac and mop every room including outside of cupboards, fridge, all other facilities in kitchen and get your beloved bathroom and its accessories gleaming.

Whole House Refresher


You are going to know that with our 11 years experience and a natural passion for cleaning, we are great at creating effective cleaning plans that make sure the time you buy is spent as usefully as poss.


You will have extra time to do the things you truly want to do this Spring, like have a cup of tea in the sun, and read a book, take the dog out for a lovely spring day walk or play with your beautiful children.


You will feel hugely less stressed knowing that this is one less thing on your to-do list ;-)!


You will feel relaxed and proud as you cook in your gleaming kitchen for your friends and loved ones this Spring



You are going to feel great  knowing that choosing to use us there will be minimal impact on the planet’s air, fish, insects, animals and water systems.


You will rest assured all our Fairies are paid above the living wage for their hard work and commitments as an Eco Cleaning Fairy.


You  will definitely sleep better at night knowing that someone has taken great care of making your home hygienic and sparkle this Spring


You can indulge in the notion that a real live Eco Cleaning Fairy has waved their magic cleaning wand with love, in your sacred home this Spring ;-) !

Our Promises

  • We can guarantee a fully trained up, insured and kind eco cleaning fairy who will treat your home, children and pets with the utmost of respect.

  • We will always arrive on time, with a smile and our best christmas wishes.

  • We will always use 100% FREE from toxins, environmentally kind to the earth products and good old fashioned elbow grease methods.

  • We can guarantee it will be hassle free to organise as we promise to work out what is needed with you, so that your fairy can get on with the job at hand.

Loyalty Discounts Available for Current Clients!