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Why Eco Cleaning Fairies?

I've just come back from my yearly holiday with my family where we always go to visit my nan Yvette in beautiful L'Ardeche, South of France.

This is a pic of us together last week and the grave to our right is the pic of my Grandad Bernards grave.

Whilst I was away I had time to reflect on the key reasons why I set up Eco Cleaning Fairies and why I am so passionate about helping as many fairies have great cleaning jobs in Liverpool by offering regular and deep one off, domestic and commercial cleaning services for our wonderful clients.

When I was younger my mum and nan made us clean up after every meal and activity so I soon realised this was something I was going to have to do a lot in my life. I remember thinking it was annoying that we had to do this but since it was something I’m going to have to do everyday I'm going to train myself to love it. So I did!

It really worked, I love it so much that as well as do many emergency cover cleans and clean every day in my own flat, I am continuing to clean every week for Val our longest standing client even though I really should be full time managing directing!!!

After the war, my Grandma was a mobile domestic tasks tutor. This meant that she and her boss would visit women in local community halls and teach them to sew, knit, yarn, clean, make goats and cow cheese, pluck chickens, cook and other helpful domestic tasks. She has always been very domestically gifted and once she started her family and became a Home economics teacher she helped foster many other children who came to stay at the international boarding school her and my granddad taught at.

My granddad was a history lecturer with a very keen love for the environment and standing up for the planet as a whole. During the 70’s, when there were big protests against Nuclear bombs, he woke some of the students up at the international boarding school to create huge CND (Anti Nuclear Protest symbol) signs out of stones and rocks around the Colleges sporting fields and property during the night. How cool!?!

My granddad loved nature and made incredible things in his woods for us when we came to visit each summer. One year he made us a flying fox going through his woods, the next year he hired a digger and dug us out our own swimming pool in his garden and for my 10th birthday he created a rainbow coloured ladder tree that each of his grandchildren could climb up to their age on. He really was a remarkably creative, nature loving Granddad.

I feel this is a key reason why I’m so passionate about all our products being Eco and not harmful to our beautiful planet.

One day I came home from school and mum told me the 'Cleaning Fairy' had been. I ran upstairs and looked into my bedroom that I shared with my little sister Zoe and she has organised all our toys, clothes and deep cleaned if from top to bottom. It blew my mind! I felt so happy seeing everything smelling great, sparkling clean and in its rightful place!

Upon reflection, I feel this is why I have such a strong passion behind Eco Cleaning Fairies being what it is… I really love helping as many people as we can via offering them fairly paid, well trained cleaning jobs or by coming to regularly give our clients homes and businesses the thorough cleaning attention they deserve. We are passionate about making each of our clients homes and businesses as beautiful and lovely to be in as they can be in the time we are given.

To me, cleaning is an art form not a chore…

Eco Cleaning Fairies is a cleaning company based in Liverpool that offers domestic cleaning services, commercial cleaning services and one off deep cleans

We are passionate about the planet and do everything we can to use natural, kind to the planet products to get your space clean. We are always offering cleaning Jobs in Liverpool so click here if you are interested in become an Eco Cleaning Fairy.

Please do get in touch if you would like to a quote.

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Eco Cleaning Fairies


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