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ECFairies Special: Eve Howlett and Her Secret Circus!

Meet Eve Howlett... She is one of our awesome MAGICAL Eco Cleaning Fairies!!!

Eve is one of our excellent Eco Cleaning Fairies that provides a regular cleaning service for some of our gorgeous clients homes - making them beautiful, smell divine and all clean & sparkly.

At Eco Cleaning Fairies one of our biggest values is FREEDOM and Flexibility.

After an Eco Cleaning Fairy has passed our 5 tier recruitment process and are they are all vetted, insured and trained up to go, we ask all our fairies get to create their own rota so they are able design the life they want. This enables them to fit their cleaning jobs around their other businesses, passion and families.

Alongside being an Eco Cleaning Fairy, Eve is a life model and an event organiser, including putting on her own cabaret evening 'The Secret Circus'.

Today we took the opportunity to ask her a few question about how being an Eco Cleaning Fairy supports her to live in inline with her true calling and passions.

How long have you been a fairy for?

I've been an eco cleaning fairy for 3 and a half years.

2) How has being an Eco Cleaning Fairy helped you?

Being an Eco fairy has led me to meeting some incredible people, fairies and clients alike. It's also given me a bit of routine in my chaotic creative life! I love the satisfaction of knowing I am making many people happier each week by coming home to a clean house that smells amazing.

3) What is the business / passion you are developing alongside being a Fairy?

I run a cabaret show called The Secret Circus. It's a variety show which includes burlesque, boylesque, comedy, circus performers, spoken word, music and more! We've been going for nearly 4 years now, in fact I started the business just before I became an Eco Fairy. It's a night full of the weird and the wonderful!

Our next event is on the 9th November in Studio 2 Parr Street from 8pm -late and it Sci-fi themed! Click here to find out more.

4) Give us your 3 top reasons why you would recommend this job to others?

1) The people you meet, you won't beat! They're all top notch! 2) Nothing is more satisfying than a client coming home and seeing their house in a whole new light. 3) It's flexible and fits around your life and supports everything else you do so you can still follow your dream.

If you are looking for a flexible part time cleaning job in Liverpool, love to clean, want to keep fit and have 10 hrs to spare a week then please get in touch as we are always looking to expand our fabulous flock of awesome Eco Cleaning Fairies!!!

Eco Cleaning Fairies is a cleaning company based in Liverpool that offers domestic cleaning services, commercial cleaning services and one off deep cleans

We are passionate about the planet and do everything we can to use natural, kind to the planet products to get your space clean. We are always offering cleaning Jobs in Liverpool so click here if you are interested in become an Eco Cleaning Fairy.

Please do get in touch if you would like to a quote.

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