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How Good Does A Clean Home Feel?

When my flat is tidy, with everything put back in it place, papers and bills in neat piles, rugs straightened, dead flowers thrown away with the vase cleaned, sofa perfectly plumped for that welcoming appeal, the bins and recycling emptied, bathroom and kitchen cleaned down and buffed to sparkly perfection and floors are freshly vacuumed & mopped - that is when I feel totally in control and relaxed in life.

I love the sense that my sweet home is at its most beautiful, so I can do what I really love to do rather than get bogged down by faffy cleaning chores. This enables me to get fully immersed in my book, lie on my bed and breathe in the wonder of life, invite friends over to just sit off, drink brews and chat or perhaps I will just put music on to enjoy my body and dance or do something creative.

Whatever it is you love to do in your FREE time, at Eco Cleaning Fairies we love to help people with keeping their homes at their most optimum. Its almost like we get to reset the home each time we come to help our families, professionals, elderly and disabled so they can enjoy them at their best without having to put the hard work in.

All our fairies are trained in how to manage their time the most efficiently with certain signature task such as emptying and cleaning tops of bins, wiping light switches and door handles to prevent infection control, making the taps sparkle, mirrors smear free and floors spotless and smelling great.

If you would like our help in making your home smell beautiful and feel clear and clean then please don't hesitate to contact us so we can give you a free quote on how much your home would cost us to do.

We wish you a delightful weekend with all your friends and family in your gorgeous home sweet homes...

Much love and peace,

Jules and the Eco Cleaning Fairies Team


Eco Cleaning Fairies is a cleaning company based in Liverpool that offers domestic cleaning services and commercial cleaning services. We are passionate about the planet and do everything we can to use natural, kind to the planet products to get your space clean. Do get in touch if you would like to a quote.

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