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Eco Cleaning Fairies


Insight into the mind of an Eco Cleaning Fairy...

I've been a fairy for three years now. I remember reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo many years ago. In it the boy observes people and learns how to tell if they are close to their destinies. He notices that when they are close to their destinies they seem to be happy even when occupied with simple tasks. This was made manifest at a bakery near where I was working at the time because I noticed that the girl handing out the half price baguettes was always exquisitely happy.

I also once read about a tribe who, when occupied with a particularly taxing or even dangerous task, would up the level of banter and camaraderie in response, no doubt completely unaware that elsewhere in the world such hefting of logs and boulders and building of bridges across fast moving rivers would be simply be seen as a pain, at best, or at worst have people reaching for their contracts.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's all a matter of perspective. I have always seen the ability to accomplish simple tasks with a calm, clear mind as a good thing. Being an eco cleaning fairy is the first time I've been able to put this into practice within a job.

Yes you must have your wits about you; arrive on time, remember the alarm code, double lock the door; but once you know each house, cleaning it can become a kind of meditation, somewhere you can shed your troubles, like you do when you do things you love.

I think we're conditioned into believing that certain tasks should be boring. Washing up for example. Personally when I'm at home I soak my washing up in scalding hot water for several hours before washing it with a metal scourer. I don't have any fancy plates so my crockery doesn't object. Why do things the hard way? (I don't do this at work though - no need to hide your crockery clients!)

We're also conditioned against service. I think I'm lucky to have (twice) lived at Faslane Peace Camp because much of what I did there was on behalf of everyone so I don't believe I have this same blockage any more. So if my time's up and it takes me an extra five minutes to mop the floor I don't feel hard done by. I'm simply rendering service (this doesn't happen very often though, jobs tend to be manageable). And too right my clients appreciate it every time they walk into their house after I have cleaned. And they'll have more time to spend with their kids or follow their passions in the often all too brief respites we have from work and school.

The eco products are pleasant to use, unlike spray bleach and such atrocities. And what I find is that with a clear calm mind like this most of the time, jobs tend to go really fast and before I know it I'm packing up my kit and going to get my little one from school, and having done a great deal of exercise too. Some people pay to go to the gym! Why not get paid FOR exercising and become many people's little diamond into the bargain!

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Eco Cleaning Fairies


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