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5 Excellent Ways to Freeze Food Without Plastic!

Living without plastic can limit the amount of harmful waste that gets out into the world, so it’s great not to use it when we really don’t have to. Whether it’s plastic wrap, bags or boxes, all are a threat to the environment, marine life and oceans. There’s plenty of ways you can make a change and one of them comes with how you store things in your home. Let’s check out five top ways that you can freeze food without using plastic.

  1. Au naturel. There are certain types of food, particularly fruit, which can be frozen in their natural state. Bananas, tomatoes and even peaches spring to mind – try one piece at a time to see what you think, and once you’ve seen it work you can freeze as many as you like. The only potential downside of storing in this way is that it can be a bit messy. Knowing how to defrost a freezer to stop the build-up of ice and regular cleaning should more than cover that though. Once you know how to defrost a freezer properly it’s much easier to keep things ordered in there too.

2. Glass jars. Glass jars and food containers are perfect for storing a variety of things, including meat, veg and cooked grains. Just make sure you leave a gap at the top of the container to allow for expansion. It’s also a good idea to pour in a little water before freezing, just to provide an added layer of protection from the cold air. Jars have to be thick enough to withstand the plummeting temperatures, and whilst you’re trialling you can expect a little cracking, so be careful. The time it takes to get it right and replace the plastic is well worth it though.

3.Metal tins and containers. Metal performs amazingly well in the freezer. You can use old tins to store things in, just make sure you top with a reusable silicone lid. Shop around for metal storage and you’ll also come across stainless steel containers, which are perfect for storing larger items. It’s easy to thaw things in metal too; just pop them in a bowl of hot water.

4.Tetra Pak. It’s perfectly ok to re-use old cartons, just make sure you rinse them out thoroughly. The wax provides waterproofing so whatever you put in is protected from the ice. Soups and stocks freeze really well and this is a great way to seal in their flavour without using a zip lock bag. In addition, you can also freeze milk, cream etc. if you’ve got an unopened carton – perfect for when they’re coming close to their best before date. Don't forget to write the date on these with permanent marker if needs be!

5.Paper. Paper is a good alternative to plastic wrap, but it really only works properly for around two to three weeks and it must be sealed well. Storing food this way is fragile and tears are a risk, but you can counter that by double or even triple wrapping. That way the chances of exposure to sub-zero temperatures and ice burns are lessened.

So there you have it, five easy ways to freeze food without using plastic.

Start making a habit of this and you’ll be playing your part in protecting our environment. Spread the word and you’re increasing that support!

Ps My nan gave me the trick of putting a little strip masking tape on each container to able to write the date on it so you know how long its been in there for. Thanks nan!

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