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Great Ideas: An Eco-Friendly Paper Bicycle Helmet

Take a look at this fantastic idea that has won recent graduate Iris Shiffer the coveted James Dyson Award. It is a foldable, recyclable EcoHelmet.

A recyclable, collapsible helmet that could be sold at bike-share stations has been named this year's winner of the James Dyson Award.

"EcoHelmet has been through several stages of development to arrive at a design that both works and looks good," said Shiffer. "Early prototypes worked, but looked like pineapples (sounds good to us!); intermediate prototypes looked great and fell apart."

"The final, three-block design is fully functional and echoes the leather helmets of the 1970s," she added. "It was important to me to keep the price as low as possible and the look as universally appealing as I could."

Its radial structure allows the helmet to concertina into a flat object so good for storage or tucking away when you get to your destination.

To test the helmet, the designer took it to a crash lab at Imperial College London, where it passed the European safety standards. Shawing!

When I first started Eco Cleaning Fairies, I'd travel to every clean on my trusty bicycle in fact many of our cleaning fairies still do. What a great idea this is, well done Iris!

Lots of love

Jules & The Fairies


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