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Trees, Trees, Wonderful Trees...

At Eco Cleaning Fairies we believe that nature is deeply therapeutic. Our HQ is on the edge of Prices Park and near Sefton Park so when we get stressed we like to head out into the green space to reconnect with why we are so passionate about protecting this fabulous planet. Recent studies suggest that even looking at an image of trees or a forest canopy can 'bolster the paraypathetic division of the central nervous system that naturally induces calm'.

As your week draws to a close, here are some pictures of utterly stunning trees from around the world to help you shrug off some of those worries and get ready for the weekend. With spring on the horizon, maybe it's time to venture out into the forest...

Estimated to be more then 1400 years old, The Angel Oak in South Carolina stands 66.5ft tall! Photo Credit: Daniela Duncan

A beautiful Japanese Maple - Photo Credit: Falcor88

Baobab Trees store water in their thick trunks to use in times of drought. Photo Credit: confitalsurf

These trees on Slope Point in New Zealand are constantly hit by antartic winds, leading to surreal formations. Photo Credit: Seabird Nz

These are Dragonblood trees, which has bright red sap which is used as a dye and as a remedy for various ailments. Photo Credit: Csilla Zelko

An avenue of oak trees. Photo Credit: Lee Sosby

If you're a super fan you may know this tunnel of beech trees from Game of Thrones, a beautiful spot in Ireland. Look at it all mysterious below! Photo Credit: Christopher Tait

This is a Rainbow Eucalyptus, which grows in the South Pacific. Pretty special isn't it! Photo Credits Christopher Martin and jwilsonnorton

Lots of Love

Jules & The Eco Cleaning Fairies



At Eco Cleaning Fairies we are PASSIONATE about this extraordinary planet, we work around Liverpool cleaning homes and commercial spaces. If you'd like to find out how we can take a load off your mind and let you focus on the things that are important to you, please get in touch!

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