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Eco Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

Stop buying wrapping paper this Christmas and get a little creative with reusable items that are just as good at hiding the treat within! Of course, wrapping isn't just for Christmas - so use these ideas for Birthdays, Anniversaries or any other time you just feel like givin'!


Wrapping gifts in fabric can be a lovely way to give a double gift and stop using so much paper! Take inspiration from the Japanese technique of Furoshiki. If you wanted to get really into it you can even buy special Furoshiki fabric, but why not scower some vintage stores for bargain bins of scarves and have a go!

Clay Pots

Why not use a terracotta flower pot as a great reusable vessel for a gift, you could even include some seeds to plant in it afterwards! Cover it with some fabric and tie with some string (like a pot of jam) or even team it with a clay pot saucer as a lid. Bootiful!

Old Magazines / Newspapers/ Any Used Paper

We’re sure you’ve got bits lying around the house, old newspapers, colourful magazines, a brochure from some where you fancied going on holiday, flyers, pamphlets, scribbled on paper by the kids. Use it :) I love wrapping things up in paper that would otherwise go into recycling, you can create some really creative looks and take pleasure out of using it again!

Bags for Life

Someone recently said that ‘I think I have enough bags for life to about do the job’ - while we do try and take our bags to the shop, sometimes we simply forget and I bet you’ve got a draw of old bags and a scattering of linen tote bags in various places around your home. Why not use one of those with some ribbon to give away your special gift. They can then go and use them too!

Potato Printing

A Jules Special and super easy to do, get crafty with a humble potato and you can turn some brown paper or newspaper wrapping into a dream come true for your loved one! Get a sharp knife, carve out your imagination and get printing. Alternatively, you can use biscuit cutters to get the look you want.


Tins are so useful. If you’ve got some old tins about the house, why not use them to conceal your lovely gift. Alternatively head to the charity shops, there are often tins and old boxes to be bought. Failing that then check out Etsy and Ebay, or put a request up on Freecycle. There are some wonderful tins out there just waiting to be reused!

Have you got any other ideas? Let us know in the comments below :)

With lots of love

Jules & The Fairies


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