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We are made up to have received this, this week!

We have had some excellent feedback from one of our fab office contracts to!

"I hired Eco Cleaning Fairies when we opened up a new office in Liverpool back in February...

So finally the time has come for me to go on maternity leave. As you can see my bump is getting beyond the point of cycling to drop off keys / products to our lovely Fairies, cleaning equipment for one off cleans or...

Step 1 Soak the grills and trays

Fill a bucket of hot water with a squirt of eco KINN LIVING washing up liquid and a shake of soda crystals.

Soak and pre-scrub the grills in the hot de-greasing solution.

Shake soda cry...

We are super proud to announce that the company REFILL will be launching its first self service package free wall at Windmill this month.

REFILL is the idea of Mel Sharp who was one of our super wonderful Eco Cleanin...

Eco Cleaning Fairies is set up with love and kindness to increase happiness in our clients lives by taking responsibility of their cleaning needs so they are able to enjoy the freedom of having time and energy to do...

At Eco Cleaning Fairies our 3 main values are Happiness, Freedom and Responsibility.

We want to truly improve our clients Happiness levels in their home and office lives. We do this by taking the pressure off from ha...

Meet Eve Howlett... She is one of our awesome MAGICAL Eco Cleaning Fairies!!! 

Eve is one of our excellent Eco Cleaning Fairies that provides a regular cleaning service for some of our gorgeous cl...

I've just come back from my yearly holiday with my family where we always go to visit my nan Yvette in beautiful L'Ardeche, South of France.

This is a pic of us together last week and the grave to our right is the pi...

When my flat is tidy, with everything put back in it place, papers and bills in neat piles, rugs straightened, dead flowers thrown away with the vase cleaned, sofa perfectly plumped for that welcoming appeal, the bi...

So its Friday evening and you are shattered!

Its been a pretty successful week. All has gone pretty smooth, so now you are ready to melt into your couch with a well deserved glass of a wine, a bag of crisps and disso...

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